As he emerged from the basement I could tell that he was not good. The throbbing of his head was apparent, so back to bed he went as we left for homeschool co-op. He got a day home alone which, despite his misery, was good. He really needed just that.

At co-op some families couldn't make it due to the holiday or illness and some had to leave early. On this gloomy Friday, it all seemed to work out just as it needed to. We got to clean up early and take some of the stress off o the Epoch staff who were preparing for a major performance this evening. It was good to go with the flow and what felt right or was needed.

At worship this evening, we were an acolyte short due to Zachary's continued headache, but Haley did an amazing job on her own. 

Good Friday worship was just what I needed tonight, but it's good to be home after a long day. The good man that my husband is, he made me food and brought me steaming frankincense-oiled water in which to soak my aching feet.

Today, I am grateful for being able to see and appreciate the good in life no matter what is thrown at me; for hugs and from friends; for food to share with others; and for darkness, that we can better appreciate the Light.


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