On the hottest day of the year (so far) - 80 degrees Fahrenheit on March 9th - I promised Alia I'd cook her favorite pasta dish. She'd spent a good part of the day playing outside in the beautiful weather, and was really looking forward to it. Although tired and hot,  I didn't have the heart to put it off until another day. I'm glad I did - it made not just one, but three children happy and tasted incredibly good. 

Having fallen asleep sometime after 5AM, and sleeping on and off in until 10AM, migraine from the day before still pounding, my day was not as productive as I'd hoped. However, I got to listen to children's joyful shrieks waft through open windows while I filled out forms, answered emails, put together a volunteer schedule and researched a half dozen random things. Inspired by the warm temperature and fresh air, I even got a little cleaning and organizing done.

Today, I am grateful for good food; open windows; children's laughter; warm breezes; impending Spring; my loving husband; chai tea; and children who do dinner dishes.


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