It was a long night last night. It started with a thunderstorm and two children who were scared and couldn't sleep. Then, my brain wouldn't shut off. Pain and OCD-induced insomnia took over until sometime around 4AM. 

Sleeping later than I planned really threw me off. I got things done, and all of a sudden it was time for dinner, and then time for bed. Where did the time go?  It just slipped through my fingers. 

I felt like I accomplished nothing all day, until I went over in my mind all I'd done. I got up, printed stuff for homeschool co-op, put corned beef in crockpot, and then Haley and I went to the Dollar Tree, Savers, Kohls, and Costco. We came home, put stuff away, heated up curry for lunch, and, while eating, I got the last of the administrative preparations done for homeschool co-op. I started cleaning up the living room and in the process came across things designated for the theme basket I was putting together for the upcoming LLL Conference, so I put that together.  I answered emails and messages, and posted things for homeschool co-op and a couple other groups.  Then I washed dishes, made the rest of dinner, ate, paid bills (lowered my monthly phone bill during a phone call questioning one of the charges on my bill), put in the Frontier Co-op order, and packed the snack and cold food bags for tomorrow. Then I did a load of laundry, organized my closet and put away my clean clothes from the past couple days, and boxed up things that need to go to the LLL Conference.

Not bad for getting nothing accomplished!

Today, I am grateful for joyful things to occupy my time; children that make me laugh; children that make rice so that I can eat curry when I get home from running errands; and for only one more sleep until homechool co-op Spring Session starts!


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