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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Homeschooling...

At the grocery store, my three-year-old struck up a conversation with a gentleman who was looking at mangoes. He seemed to be evaluating the mangoes for quite some time, so she asked him if he needed help picking out a good mango. They proceeded to have a conversation about mangoes: how to test for ripeness; that you can eat the mango skin and how good it is for you; that organic mangoes are better than "ones with poison on them"  - the three-year-old teaching the 40-something-year-old. Alia then made recipe suggestions, "Auntie Jen makes black bean and mango and avocado all together and it tastes really good! Or you can just slice them with the mango slicer and eat them, but don't put too many in a bowl because you can't stop eating mango 'cause I ate a whole mango without sharing."
The gentleman then asked me how she got so smart. Before I could answer, Alia interjected, "Excuse me. It's because I eat lots of foods that are good for my body an…

Arthritis Awareness

How aware are you of the second toe on your left foot? Today, I’m incredibly aware of mine. What about the exact location of your sacroiliac joint also on the left side, the place your Achilles tendon meets your heel on your right foot or the fingertips on just 3 fingers on your right hand and one on your left? Sporadic Artie won’t let me forget about mine today. I’ve heard of Arthritis Awareness, but this arthritic awareness I can do without.

Dear Ziggy,

Thank you for all the help you've been over the past week, it's been wonderful. You've allowed me to enjoy time with my family and kept me moving when I was feeling fatigued. Thanks also for giving the kids rides to and from the store. They think you’re really cool. It was also interesting to see things from a new perspective - at 5’3” I thought I was fairly short, but from your point of view, 5’3” is rather tall!
I don’t mean to be critical, but at times you drove me a bit crazy, randomly pulling me to the left as I was trying to shop. That must be how you got your nickname – Ziggy.And if you could keep still while I’m driving, I’d appreciate it. I feel like I may have to tie you down the next time you’re in the car with me because your constant movement is too distracting.
But all in all, Ziggy, you were a godsend this week. It is very comforting knowing you will be there for me whenever I need you.
O ~]---   (_)  \_


Artistic Loving Energetic XII-year-old Adolescent Needing Downtime for Endless Reading

Zany Artistic Caring Honest Astute Responsible Youth

Hippophile Affectionate Loving Enthusiastic Youngster

Curious Observer Radiantly Excavating Neoliths

Agile Loquacious Intelligent Artist

Most precious...

There is perhaps nothing more precious than the looks of pure joy on my kids' and my husband's face when holding baby R this evening. Except maybe being blissed out myself by the smiles and snuggles R gave me this evening during the wonderful birth stories circle with a couple of amazing mamas. An evening doesn't get any better than that!

And no, I'm not having any more babies.