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Breaking the Chains

With minimal help, lots of research, and a ton of creativity, they pulled it off. 

For weeks, the teens worked in their medium - spoken word, photography, art, music, dance, video, theater, and so much more. They gathered on a Friday evening to show what they had put together. It was the most emotional rehearsal I'd ever witnessed. Once again on Saturday, they took the stage to perform, this time in front of an audience of parents, drug addicts, and strangers. 

Each year, Epoch Arts in East Hampton, CT, responds to a social issue with art. This year's Arts Response was Drug Addiction: Breaking the Chains. Stories of heartache and hope were shared through various artforms. Personal stories of lives affected by addiction left some in the audience sobbing. Other displays took one's breath away. 

These teens didn't merely learn about the dangers of drug addiction sitting through a lecture by parent or teacher, they did the work themselves, delving into the world of addiction …

Give and Take

Some days the phone rings and you get to say yes, do what you can, be a shoulder to cry on, make more dinner, hold a baby, or sit with little ones as they fall asleep. You get to say words you know don't mean as much as you wish they could and do your best to be the best friend you can given the situation. 

Some days, you get to deliver a meal or help clean up or just sit and listen. You get to put together a little gift or pay a bill or do some heavy lifting. You get to pick up children or groceries or medications or all of the above. 

Some days, you get to watch your children step up to an unexpected challenge, clean up, make room, and share. And sometimes one of those children, who has issues with happenings that are out of the ordinary, has some troubles, but that's ok, too. He's doing the best that he can, just like the rest of us.

Some days, you take more than you give; you feel like a burden; you know you are asking too much. You feel you are counting too much on other…

Freedom to Pee

All I want is for my children to be able to go to the bathroom with people of their same gender. Is that too much to ask?

When my boys were a bit younger ... the ages where they feel the need to go to the men's room, but Mama is still a bit uncomfortable having them do so... they walked into the men's room at Costco. I waited outside, always a little nervous about my children going into a restroom on their own. A man walked by me and into the restroom. He swiftly exited, checked the sign, and re-entered. He was back out as quickly as the first time. I looked at him and said, "they're boys - they just have long hair." The reply, "are you sure?" nearly had me on the floor with laughter, but I held myself together. "Yes. They were standing at urinals, weren't they?" Beet red, the man walked into the restroom for the third time. 

Some people want to force women to use men's restrooms and men to use women's bathrooms. They want to deny ot…

So Much

Sometimes life is filled with so much that some things fall to the wayside.

I was so busy, I crashed. And then I had more, and more, and more ahead of me. 

Friday the girls and I were off at 5:30AM to set up for the LLL Healthcare Provider Seminar Silent Auction. After a day of learning, and wrapping up the auction, I enjoyed a poolside conversation with a friend while our girls splashed in the hotel's saltwater pool. After a nearly sleepless night during which a certain eight year old punched me in the face several times, disturbing my already disastrous sleep, it was time to set up and run another silent auction. Leaving at noon, we rushed to Epoch Arts for Mainstage rehearsal and then we were on to my parents' house for a big surprise.

Did I mention my in-laws arrived at our house on Friday evening while the girls and I were staying at the hotel? 

Upon entering Gramma and Papa's house, Haley was surprised by balloons, decorations, and Gram and Grammy from PA, and others wis…