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When You Look At Me

We live our lives making assumptions ... judging others by what they look like on the outside before getting to know them. We look in the mirror and judge ourselves. We assume others are judging us for our "flaws."

Over the past few months I've encountered negative comments from people who don't know me well, or at all, about my physical appearance. The negativity has been slowly eating away at my own self-image. I'm tired of feeling horrible about my appearance. I need to get to a place where I can practice on myself the same non-judgement I practice on others.

When you look at me, you see my tattoos. 

You judge me because of them. Perhaps you like them. Perhaps you assume they were something I did in my rebellious youth - a bad decision that I must regret, or will regret in the future. Perhaps they look horrible to you.
What you don't see is the meaning behind these tattoos for four of my babies, born into God's hands, not mine; two tatt…

Not Sure What Happened

Six months ago, I was thinking about how calm this new year was going to be. My word for the year was GROW, and I was excited to do just that. Keeping life fairly low key, we'd do a few activities that we love and live our lives to the fullest. My health, although not wonderful, was on somewhat of an even keel.

Now, I can't figure out how six months have passed and how I ended up here. 

We've gotten through two semesters of homeschool co-op, Arts Reponse, Dinner Theater, Beautiful Things, a St. Paul Puppet Academy performance, and homeschool prom. I'm now somehow packing for our time at Camp Calumet, which is less than a week away, while thinking about the 2016-2017 year of Tuesday Night Sunday School, and what I need to work on for the New Start Ministry. 

New Start? I've somehow found myself the Team Leader in charge of Social Security and DSS for the refugee families that New Start will begin welcoming in a month or two.  It's going to be wonderful to be involv…


A Dad is someone who takes you to the driving range when you're home "sick" from school with the chicken pox, and then lets you play a game of miniature golf on the deserted course because you entertained yourself so nicely in the car while he was practicing his swing.

A Dad is someone who answers your calls of  "Mom or Daaaaayaaaad" in the middle of the night and escorts you to the bathroom so the snakes under your bed and the alligators in the toilet don't get you. 

A Dad is someone who lets you curl up next to him on the couch on Sunday afternoons when you're little while he's watching "old movies" and then is surprised when you reference movies such as "The Bridge Over The River Kwai" and "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" as a teen.

A Dad is someone who gets so excited when you and your husband announce you're pregnant that he asks if you've told your grandmother yet while dialing her number and then hands the …


She turns fourteen today.

She's done amazing things in the past year ... she has grown in so many ways. 

She grew in her faith, performing with the Outreach Ministry of God, finishing Confirmation class, and affirming her Baptism.

She has performed in a musical at Camp Calumet's Drama Camp and renewed her love for horses at Equestrian Camp, both last Summer.

She has been the source of smiles and cuddles for various babies and toddlers.

She has discovered a love for nail art and make-up; for acting and singing; and has done a wonderful job of balancing priorities in her life. 

She excelled as an actress as Claudia the elephant in Beautiful Things, making memories that will last a lifetime along the way.

She has reached new heights, surpassing her mother's five feet three inches, especially when she wears those boots of hers. 

She has given of her time and talents to many people and places... at church, homeschool co-op, Epoch Arts, and beyond. 

She is becoming such an amazing, extra…

Beautiful Things


Beautiful Things was all of this to a cast of teens.
These teens were all of this at the end of this incredible adventure.

Eighteen young adults brought Elizabeth Namen's original play, Beautiful Things, to life at Epoch Arts in East Hampton, CT.  In February 2016, the seed was planted during the first read-through of the play. Laughter, tears, awwwws, and words of disgust filled the room as the cast got a first glimpse at the story they would cultivate, the characters they would become. This would not be easy for many of the cast, as evocative as some of the roles were. 

A missed opportunity hardly gets a second chance.

Lines were memorized, backstories created. The cast not only learned what to say and where to be when they said it, but what compelled their characters to say and do the things they did. They learned to fully bring their characters to life...characters that live on in our imaginations.

It started with an elephant and a traveling circ…