A Dad is someone who takes you to the driving range when you're home "sick" from school with the chicken pox, and then lets you play a game of miniature golf on the deserted course because you entertained yourself so nicely in the car while he was practicing his swing.

A Dad is someone who answers your calls of  "Mom or Daaaaayaaaad" in the middle of the night and escorts you to the bathroom so the snakes under your bed and the alligators in the toilet don't get you. 

A Dad is someone who lets you curl up next to him on the couch on Sunday afternoons when you're little while he's watching "old movies" and then is surprised when you reference movies such as "The Bridge Over The River Kwai" and "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" as a teen.

A Dad is someone who gets so excited when you and your husband announce you're pregnant that he asks if you've told your grandmother yet while dialing her number and then hands the phone to you when you say no ... and then runs out the door to tell the neighbors. 

A Dad is someone who wears orange corduroy "pumpkin pants" trick-or-treating every Halloween, but is nice enough not to wear them - at least not in your presence - the other 364 days of the year. 

A Dad is someone who, if he doesn't know the answer, will generally make something up. 

A Dad is someone who helps carry on family traditions - like putting the angel on the top of the Christmas tree. 

A Dad is someone whose face radiates joy and love when he looks at your kids. 

At least my Dad is. 

A Dad is someone who, despite insisting he was only having two children, looked into the face of his second child and announced that it would be good to have a third. And then ended up with a fourth and a fifth as well.

A Dad is someone who encourages the kids to do things that make Mama nervous, but usually only when Mama isn't looking.

A Dad is someone who puts the kids to bed by getting them riled up first. 

A Dad is someone who, if he doesn't know the answer, will probably make something up. (Some things never change!)

A Dad is someone who is cool because he knows how to make fire, swords, magic wands, and babies laugh. 

A Dad is someone who takes you on grand adventures, often without going much farther than the back yard. 

A Dad is someone who melted the first time he held you in his arms, and continues to do so even when you're a teenager. 

At least my kids' Dad is!

Happy Father's Day to all the rad Dads out there!!! 

(Originally posted in 2012)


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