Sunrise kayaking on Ossipee Lake at Camp Calumet.

She turns fourteen today.

Birthday bowling and laser tag

She's done amazing things in the past year ... she has grown in so many ways. 

OMG performing at Cathedral in the Night

She grew in her faith, performing with the Outreach Ministry of God, finishing Confirmation class, and affirming her Baptism.

She has performed in a musical at Camp Calumet's Drama Camp and renewed her love for horses at Equestrian Camp, both last Summer.

Haley in The Fisherman and His Wife at Camp Calumet

She has been the source of smiles and cuddles for various babies and toddlers.

Hiking with Epoch Arts Homeschoolers

She has discovered a love for nail art and make-up; for acting and singing; and has done a wonderful job of balancing priorities in her life. 

Princess Pea gone wrong for Epoch Arts Haunted House

She excelled as an actress as Claudia the elephant in Beautiful Things, making memories that will last a lifetime along the way.

She has reached new heights, surpassing her mother's five feet three inches, especially when she wears those boots of hers. 

Dinner Show 2016: Hello Little Girl - Haley made the blacklight wolf mask for her performance
She has given of her time and talents to many people and places... at church, homeschool co-op, Epoch Arts, and beyond. 

Arts Response 2016: Addiction

She is becoming such an amazing, extraordinary young woman, deep in her faith, in her feelings, and in following her passions. 


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