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And So I Pray

It's not OK. 

It's not OK to ban human beings from entering our country solely based on their religion or country of origin. 

It's not OK to prevent human beings from re-entering our their country after leaving for a funeral, other life event, or schooling, indefinitely separating them from their families who live here.

It's not OK to pick and choose which human beings are welcome to come to our country while excluding others on the false premise that they are more likely to be terrorists.

It's not OK to prevent fully vetted refugees - those who have gone through the process for three to four years - from completing their resettlement process. 

It's no OK to keep parents from their children, to rip families apart, to deny people access to their dying relative, or to force fellow human beings with every legal right to be here to go back to the terror from which they fled.

It's not OK to call yourself a Christian and then choose not to follow Jesus' command to …


When I had a horde of small children, I heard comments that I was "just" a stay at home mom.

Now that I'm mom to children ages 8-18, I'm still "just" a stay at home mom.
I JUST ...
... meet my children's needs - and many of their wants - twenty four hours a day. ... put aside some of my wants and needs in order to meet those of my children. ... clean the house over and over again in a day. Some days it looks greatly improved by the end of the day. Other days, it looks exactly the same as it did when the day began. Yet others, I choose fun or rest after so much cleaning. The mess will still be there in the morning. ... schedule and take children and myself to doctor appointments, including their primary care doctor, eye doctor, specialists for those who need them, and the dentist.  ... take responsibility for much of their learning and knowledge gathering. ... listen to stories that make absolutely no sense and never seem to end, and do it with excitement and j…

Raw Beans

We had twenty-four hours to fit in as much us time as possible. 

After dropping off our five children at their very generous and kind grandparents' house for a sleepover, we headed for a quick dinner of sopa azteca and tableside guacamole...and an incredibly good margarita. We then made our way to the Bushnell Theater in Hartford to view Monty Python and the Holy Grail -one of the first movies we watched together - and for a storytelling and question answering evening with John Cleese. It was incredibly fun and funny - raw beans!
Getting up fairly early the next morning, we made a visit to Jacob Myjak for twenty-first anniversary tattoos. My OCD loved the fact that I got my twenty-first tattoo on my twenty-first anniversary. Jacob is twenty-one years old, so there's that as well. I got a willow tree above my first tattoo, which I got on my honeymoon when I was twenty-one years old. My husband got a mandala tattoo that I drew for him as an anniversary gift. It was not only wonder…

Half Life

We have been married for half of our lives. Half. Of our lives. Twenty-one years.

First off, we were twenty-one when we were married. Just twenty-one, as in, two weeks or less after our twenty-first birthdays (we were born three days apart). We were incredibly young and emphatically certain that this was forever.

I can't say the past twenty-one years have been all hand-holding and loving adoration. We had some rocky months ... years. One thing never failed through it all - love. No matter how angry, frustrated, or just plain done we were with each other, we loved each other. I think it was because we love each other so deeply that we feel so hurt by the other or so badly for hurting the other.

Half of our lives. Twenty-one years. 

Our first twenty-one years of life conspired to put each of us just where we needed to be, when we needed to be there, in order to meet and fall in love with each other.

The second twenty-one years of our lives saw us through the loss of our first baby, the b…

Strange Man

My home phone rang just as I was about to start making dinner. Not wanting to deal with the possibility of a telemarketer, I let it go to the answering machine. The message left was not at all what I was expected. It was from an officer from the Suffield Police Department wanting my husband to call him back. 

I immediately called my husband at work. He immediately called the police department.

Apparently a call came into the Suffield Police Department. A concerned citizen reported a strange man walking around the neighborhood. That concerned citizen took down a license plate number and called the police. 

It was definitely my husband's license plate number. And the suspicious man was, in fact my husband. My husband had to explain to the police officer that he was merely playing Pokemon Go during his break at work.

We totally blame this on Coren and Alia, after all, he's catching Pokemon for them. Who'd have thought a cell phone app could cause such a thing?!


Last night at Tuesday Night Sunday School our theme was Pilgrimage. We talked about the magi who went on a pilgrimage, following a star in search of a king. 

Yesterday afternoon, a young family arrived in Connecticut after a long pilgrimage from Istanbul, where they first sought refuge after fleeing their home in Syria. They were understandably exhausted. 

We talked about how the magi went to the house where Jesus was (not the stable) after speaking with Herod. It was mentioned that, after speaking with the magi, Herod ordered the killing of any child under age two - the slaughter of the holy innocents. This means Jesus could have been a toddler at the time of the magi's visit.

Perhaps the same age as the refugee child who, along with her family, was welcomed with open arms by members of New Start Ministry, Escorted to their new home they were delighted to see all the necessities, a toy basket for not-yet-two Elin, smiling faces, and a halal dinner that awaited them when they arrived…

Focusing on 2017

Every new year, I choose a word that is my focus for the year. This time around, I've been struggling to decide on what word to pick. This is mostly because my mind has been all over the place lately and I can't seem to focus on any one thing.


Perhaps that's what I need.

I need to focus on my children and be in the moment with them.
I need to focus on my marriage and nurture a closer relationship with my husband.
I need to focus on friendships and help them grow.
I need to focus on my health and what I need to do every day to be as healthy as I can be.
I need to focus on our finances and figure out a way back to the level of frugality we need to attain to get by.
I need to focus on our household and getting it decluttered and organized.
I need to focus on my many commitments and let go of those that don't serve me, or that I don't serve, well. 

2017 is a year to FOCUS.