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"I am so OCD about that!"

"That really sets off my OCD tendencies!"

"I have OCD when it comes to that!"

People put on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as if it were an accessory to certain situations, not a mental illness. If you have OCD, as I do, I don't mind if you make such a comment. If you don't, please stop the casual use of a very serious condition.

People can be obsessive or compulsive about things without having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD is life-altering, interfering with one's function in everyday life - every single day. Some are hospitalized because of OCD, until they get their meds and/or behaviors under control. OCD looks different for different people.

My OCD manifests in several ways. I compulsively count things - sounds, tiles, patterns, steps, stairs, words. It was nearly impossible for me to get through eating a bowl of Cheerios when I was little without them getting completely soggy, because I'd have to count the top …

Going to The School

I'm still trying to process everything.

Upon arrival, we delved right into it all. Sixty-eight people getting to know each other a bit while doing their best to absorb an incredible amount of information and trying not to be distracted by the beauty of the lake on the other side of the windows. Evening prayer ended our time together until the next day.

That first night, we went to bed after just a taste of what was to come. Falling asleep to the sound of waves lapping the shores of Lake Ossipee, I was excited for the day ahead.

Waking at 4:30AM and unable to get back to sleep, I lay awake praying about the day ahead and many other things. As the sun hinted its appearance, I made my way outside to take in the glory of a Lake Ossipee sunrise. The magnificence of the unfolding dawn anticipated the richness of the day to come.

Briefly retreating from the chilly morning air to slip on some socks and wrap myself in a blanket, I returned to my Adirondack chair perch and some wonderful conver…


I say it every time. 

Even after preparing myself for months ahead of time to lessen the shock. 

Somehow there is nothing that prepares me for any of my children turning yet another year older. 

Coren turns eleven today. I'm not quite sure how it happened. I don't know where the time went. I can barely wrap my mind around that number associated with the Moondragon himself. Six, maybe, but eleven???

That said, he is most definitely eleven.

Do you know how I can tell? Some of the adorableness is being replaced by maturity and handsomeness. Coren has grown up a lot in the past year, presenting himself in a more tween than childlike manner. I have to admit it freaks me out a bit. He still loves to cuddle, though, so I'll take what I can get! 

Coren made great strides this year. Perhaps the biggest is surviving a week at Camp Calumet Resident Camp this past Summer. He made it through without showering ... well, except for the infamous Camp Calumet "Car-wash" which involved …

How Will They Learn?

'Tis the season for questions and concerns, mostly from well-meaning strangers.

What amazes me is that, of all the concerns people express about unschooling (life-learning), the top four perceived problems have nothing to do with learning school subject matter.

Concern #1: Socialization
How will my children ever learn how to socialize if they don't spend 6-8 hours a day or more for 12+ years with children within six months to a year of their age?
I could ask how children who spend most of their time on weekdays in school and in after-school programs, sports, and other activities with others their age and with all adults as authority figures manage to learn to function in a world where you spend most of your time with people who are not your age and where your boss, a police officer, or other authority figure could potentially be younger than you.

Concern #2: Fitting In to Society
How can unschooled children learn societal rules and how to fit into society if they are not in a tradit…

Like Home

Some places just feel like home. 

After a little over two months away from one of our most favorite places on Earth, it felt as if we arrived home as we pulled into the parking lot. Greeted with smiles and hugs from beautiful people added to that cozy, exhilarating homey vibe that is Epoch Arts. 

Today and for the next couple days, we're helping with Epoch Arts' Annual Tag Sale. The amount of stuff they have to offer, both indoors and out, is nearly unfathomable. As we sorted, bagged, folded, and set out items for sale, it was clear the colossal amount of work that had already been accomplished. This is no small undertaking.

I'm blessed to also be heading "home" to Camp Calumet, another most beauteous place next weekend as I embark on my journey through the School of Lay Ministry. It will be quite a different Calumet experience from those in my past, as I will be child-free and amongst over sixty other School students, having faith discussions with other adults. I&#…

If You ...

It doesn't happen often, thankfully, but some days I'm just completely overwhelmed by it an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie kind of way. 

My husband's car, that has been fixed twice ...or was it three times ... in the past three weeks, is having issues again. Different issues than before.. This leaves me without my van all day, as my husband had to drive it to work. This means the donations in the van won't make it to their destination today and I won't be able to load the van for tomorrow.

If tomorrow's plans even happen. We're supposed to go to Six Flags (for an amazing $14 a person thanks to a reading program and online discounts). At the moment two of my children are coughing and generally not feeling well. It seems they're on the mend, but I'm not sure if they'll be well enough by tomorrow.

Or if I'll be well enough by tomorrow. I had my psoriatic arthritis med yesterday and could very well get this bad cold from my children. I also …