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On the first day of Advent, I had no internet
At my in-laws in Pennsylvania. On the second day of Advent we were on our way home From my in-laws in Pennsylvania.
And so I write this blog post on the eve of our trip to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, realizing that my plans to write every day of Advent won't exactly be every day of Advent, considering we'll either be without internet or on the road for at least 10 hours. 
I'll first start posting my Advent posts on December 1st, instead, with perhaps a little about our Thanksgiving and Advent adventures mixed in. I'll try to link to them here, in an effort to keep a list of them all in one place. 
Stay tuned for the further ADVENTures of the rannygahoots.

December 1: Lifeless Stump
December 2: Reflecting God
December 3: Where Are You?
December 4: Broken Heart
December 5: Blessing to Others
December 6: Laugh With Me
December 7: God Sees to It
December 8: Stairway to Heaven
December 9:

White Space

I've had a new blog post screen open on my computer for days. OK, weeks. It's remained white space until just this moment. I've wanted to write, but the words just haven't been coming. Pain has gotten in the way. Packing and planning and cuddling and trying not to watch Christmas movies has also gotten in the way.

It seems when pain levels are high, there is white space where deep thoughts should be. In fact, there is white space where any thought the connects to any other thought should be. I miss the most obvious of connections, making life ten times more difficult. I've completed grocery shopping and moved on to picking up things for my class, realizing after leaving the supermarket that three of the items I needed for class were, in fact, groceries. That sort of thing happens with increasing frequency as of late.

But there's hope in the form of cat scan guided sacroiliac joint injections in my future. Just a couple weeks away, as a matter of fact. I'm bot…

Worst Wait

Advent has to be one of the best times of the year. The waiting, centering on the meaning of the season, and all that goes with it. Waiting for Advent is worse for me than waiting for Christmas.

I'm trying my best not to give in. It's supremely difficult, with stores and ads and preparations and my deep, deep love, to hold out until it's time. I don't know how much longer I can wait. 

My name is Amanda, and I'm a winter holiday movie addict. I'd watch them year round if my family would allow me. I usually have a "Christmas in July" movie marathon, but somehow didn't this year. It's been over ten months since I watched a winter holiday-themed movie. I might die. 

I have to admit that this addiction may be the major reason I can barely wait for Advent. I have a little over a week to wait and then you won't see me until the New Year, as I'll be in bed with hot chocolate or hot cider watching movie after movie. Just watching the movies in my …

The Fifty Five

Fifty five children lurked in the twists and turns of the long, dark hallways. Some were bruised, some bound, chained, gagged, or a combination. Groans, pleas for help, and screams could be heard throughout the labyrinth. All were there for one reason. 

These amazing youth designed their own costumes and their Childhood Nightmares themed rooms, from paint and set to lights and sounds. They wrote their own scripts, including not only an experience in their own room, but a transition to the next as well. Epoch Arts Haunted House consumed these young people for several Sunday afternoons, hours at home and at Epoch Arts in East Hampton, CT tweaking costumes and adding things to their rooms, as well as two tech days and four astounding nights of fright. 

Not only did the youth, under the guidance of some fabulously creative adults, put together an astonishing Haunted House, but they provided baked goods and other confections for sale in the Cafe each night as well. 

Freakish zombies attacked …