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Waiting to Wait

A teenage girl sits alone, praying the man she loves won't be angry, won't leave her, when he finds out the burden and the blessing she carries - when she reveals to him that she's pregnant. The baby is not his. She fears he will, as most men would, take back the promises he's made and leave her to deal with her situation on her own.

He considers leaving at first. Instead he stays. I had a dream, he says. Everything will be ok.

The two journey forward together, despite the reactions of family, friends, and neighbors. Their love for each other, for God, and for the child she carries prevails.

That must have been a long nine months, and in that time, so much to do. There were angels to guide them, a baby for whom to prepare, their own hearts to prepare to receive this blessed child. How do you prepare to give birth to God? To parent God?

As soon as Halloween is over, my waiting begins. Stores displaying all sorts of holiday loveliness don't help my situation. No, I'm…

The Dark Side

Life isn't easy for me at the moment. In reality, it never is, but right now I'm really struggling. This is the dark side of chronic illness that no one wants to hear about. People want to hear stories of people thriving despite living with chronic illness, not stories of suffering...but those are the stories that permeate every day of my life.

I have severe allergies and a cold. No big deal for most people. Devastating for me. I took myself off psoriatic arthritis medication until my lungs clear, as I don't want to land myself in the hospital with pneumonia. Between the coughing and the pain, I barely sleep. Every time I cough, it feels like my ribs are shattering. Several times now, the pain from a coughing fit has caused me to be sick to my stomach. Every joint in my body is screaming, and I'm having trouble keeping prednisone - my only hope for reducing inflammation - down. 

Off PsA meds, my body is attacking itself. On them, I might get sicker. Off them, my autoimmu…


I was off psoriatic arthritis meds and undergoing neurological testing when I went to the thrift store and used my wheelchair to get around. While I was checking out, the person behind me said to me that I was such an inspiration, being out and about in my condition. All this person knew about me was that I was a human being in a wheelchair - yet because I was in public in a wheelchair, I was an inspiration. Or maybe it was because I was cheerful and in a wheelchair? I have no idea. The point is, to me, a person using their body to the best of its capacity in an everyday setting isn't inspiring. It's life as usual. It's like calling a three-legged cat inspiring. It's not. It's just that a cat with three legs can still do cat things, but makes compensations for a different body configuration. Or a person wearing glasses being an inspiration for leading a productive life despite needing the crutch of glasses to be able to function better.

Many people with disabilities…


Welcome to Epoch Arts Haunted House. Before entering, I need to lay down some ground rules. Our actors will not touch you - do not touch them. Anyone found mistreating our actors in any way will be escorted from the Haunted House by someone much scarier than anyone you'll find inside. Do not use your cell phone or any other device to take photos or video of our Haunted House or to light your way through our Haunted House. Our creatures like it dark in there, and we wouldn't want to upset them... any more than they already are. You will enter the Raven's Nest, meander through the Corn Maze, partake in a little Farm to Table, and perhaps buy a souvenir at the Creepyhollow Souvenir Shop. Don't worry - you don't need any money ... although it may cost you your head. Please stay together as a group as you make your way through the Haunted House - we wouldn't want to lose anyone...again. Enter: The Harvest.

And so it began ... over one hundred times over the course of…