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You Must Be Excited

For the past two weeks, wherever I've gone with children, people have commented to me, "You must be so excited for back to school!"

Yes. Yes I am.

When I mention we homeschool, I often get a look of pity. I think this look especially comes from people whose point is that I'll get to get rid of  a break from my children for a good portion of the day once school begins. I usually comment that I love spending time with my children. One man just could not believe that I was sincere...or that I could possibly enjoy spending all day with my children. A woman's response was, "really...even the teenagers?" Yes. Really. My teenagers rock.

Am I excited for back to school?

But perhaps not why you'd think.

As a homeschooling family, back to school means something a bit different. Back to school means kicking off the school year with a Beach Party! Why not? There are considerably less people at the beach at 10AM on a Friday while school's in session. W…

Not That Kind of Date

All I wanted was to surprise my husband with a quick movie date on a Sunday evening. 

What I wasn't expecting was to feel like I'd been run over by a house, and therefore find myself calling him to come home from work early as I figured out whether or not I needed to go to the Emergency Department.

Now, one would think that feeling like you've been run over by a house would automatically and immediately qualify you for a trip to the ER, but apparently my brain doesn't work that way. My brain decided that if I just laid down and rested for a while things would improve. Then laying down became excruciating. Sitting was worse. Standing was near impossible, and by the time my amazing husband was whisking me away to the hospital, I could barely walk.

Nurses and doctors ask a lot of questions. After going through my thought process ... most likely a UTI, but may also be kidney stones, and please check my liver as well, and a psoriatic arthritis flare to top it all off and make …

True Life

Pain threatens to swallow me whole.

I'm so excited - so many things to look forward to!

It's a struggle to open my eyes each morning, sleep pulling me back into it's pain-dulling clutches. Gone are mornings of waking refreshed for the day ahead. Instead torturous sleep gives way to a fuzzy eyed shroud of pain that clings to me throughout the day.

Upon waking each morning, my mind is filled with the exciting things we have coming up! Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op class proposals are pouring in for Autumn Semester. In a little over a month, I'll be heading to Camp Calumet for my first School of Lay Ministry retreat and after that, a homeschooler's beach day. I'm looking forward to Finn's baptism, a day at Old Sturbridge Village, and a quietish month before homeschool and other activities are back in full swing.

There is so much I want and need to do, but my energy is lacking and my pain levels are almost unbearable. Some days I can barely leave the relative comfort…