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Life Skills

The more I read, the more confused I get.

I read things on social media that are just mind-boggling to me, at least at first glance. Posts by parents asking where there are classes for cooking, for household management ... for life skills. I'm not sure why, but I find it strange that these things need to be farmed out to outside teachers, adding yet another thing to a family's already busy schedule and overburdened budget.

Why not cook dinner together? Why not take your child grocery shopping and teach them to figure out how much things cost per pound, budget the food money, get pantry basics and recipe specifics? Why not make up a "bank book" for them if they don't have a bank account and record withdrawals and deposits from their piggy bank or wallet? Why not have them work with you on car maintenance, upkeep of the house and yard, and everything that goes into daily, monthly, and yearly living?

Then I realize that it must be difficult for some, because they don&#…

Fine Line

I'm lost.

Everything has caught up with me all at once.

Life is more than I can handle.

Desperately exhausted and in so much pain, depression sinks its claws into my sanity and shreds it to pieces. I just want everything to stop. I just want rest. Peace. Freedom from everything that's suffocating me,

Here there is no ray of hope, only ever-consuming darkness. My worth is gone. I am only a burden.

To everyone.

To my children, who are forced to live with a mother who can't do nearly enough for them, who can't work and provide financially for them, and who screws up the finances time and time again because her brain doesn't function properly.

To my husband, who can barely lay a hand on me without me flinching because of the disease-caused pain; who cannot understand how my heart breaks every day because I feel so unloveable; who works so hard, yet gets so little in return.

To my friends and family, who help me in so many ways, and to whom I'll always owe more than I can e…


For years, I struggled with joint pain. I was prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications. They treated the symptoms, while the disease damaged my body beyond repair. Often, we try to put bandaids on bigger issues by treating the symptom instead of the source.

Many parents "treat" the behavior, not the source of the behavior, and wonder why the behavior continues. Some of us are sometimes dumbfounded when we see what a great change can come when we get to the root of the issue. 

People often ask me how I would handle different situations with children's misbehavior or refusal to do something. I assume they ask because we've had our fair share of struggles with five unique children, two on the autism spectrum, one with OCD, and all just as stubborn as their parents...and we have survived thus far.

My answer is usually a series of questions, "Why do you think your child is acting out? Does s/he need more connection and time with you? Is s/he stressed ab…