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Thirty-three: Celebrate

Sometimes my body wakes me up and says 'Hey, you haven't had pain in a while. How about pain?' And sometimes I can't breathe, and that's hard to live with. But I still celebrate life and don't give up. ~Mattie Stepanik
It's going to be a crazy weekend, guaranteed. My body doesn't seem to care or wish to give me any type of break. Alarm set for 4:30AM to be out of the house by 5:15AM wouldn't be so bad if the pain wasn't so bad I couldn't sleep. Today is going to be an interesting day. 

Setting up the silent auction shouldn't be a problem ... after I get some coffee and medication in my system. Haley will be there to help. Sitting and listening to interesting speakers should be great. Lunch that I don't need to prepare will be wonderful. Tallying up everyone's auction winnings and getting the proper items to the correct people in a timely and efficient manner after a long day and no sleep should be interesting. Thank goodness for a …