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Twenty years! We may not be doing something completely legendary as I suggested we should last year, but we'll make something happen eventually. Remicade infusion day isn't the best day to celebrate an anniversary, or much of anything! A date night and tattoos will be a good start, if the weather cooperates this weekend. Perhaps we'll take things slowly and make it a legendary year, instead of one legendary celebration. 

Twenty years seems so long, but so short at the same time. 

Year one, we lived in a two family house in Waterbury. We went to the bar after work to hang out with friends and play pool. We got tattoos. We were 21 and had no idea what we were doing.

Year two found us moving to a tiny house near a lake in Watertown.  I got my tongue pierced the same day my sister announced her pregnancy with her first child. We were 22 and had no idea what we were doing.

Year three, we were overjoyed to be pregnant, then devastated by miscarriage. The love and care with w…

I Hate It

Hate. It's such a strong word. Such an overused word.

I hate lima beans.

I hate this weather.

I hate doing the dishes.

I find it difficult to believe that people have intense and passionate dislike of lima beans. What did lima beans ever do to them? I dislike lima beans, but hate? No. (And I love doing dishes!)

I see more and more hate on social media.

Hate towards refugees. Hate toward Muslims. Hate toward anyone who doesn't agree with the person's opinions or agenda.

Not disagreement. Not dislike. Hate.

Someone hating a fellow U.S. citizen so much they would like to see them leave the country.
Someone hating a group of people fleeing from violence and persecution so much they don't want them as neighbors.
Someone hating a celebrity so much they suggest she should be shot in the head.
Someone hating a politician so much, they suggest he should be hanged.


And it's not one person spewing hatred. It's memes of hatred being shared by thousands. 

With all this hate, can we…

Growing Into the New Year

With the dawn of 2016, it's time once again for me to choose my word for the year.

In 2016...

I hope to grow more fully into the person I strive to be ...more patient, present, and productive... healthier, more open to life's joys and blessings. 

I endeavor to grow in my faith, in my relationships, and in my creative pursuits. 

I plan to cultivate an atmosphere of learning for my children, encouraging them to explore new things and expand their horizons - and to delve deeper into the things that nourish their souls.

I will grow space in my house and in my life through making better use of the space we have, letting go of more possessions to make room for easier living, and to pare down obligations to only those commitments that sustain my spirit. 

This year I plan to grow as a person, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, and in all that I do. I hope to grow a life that is in tune with my visions for the future ... for myself and for my family.