Growing Into the New Year

With the dawn of 2016, it's time once again for me to choose my word for the year.

In 2016...

I hope to grow more fully into the person I strive to be ...more patient, present, and productive... healthier, more open to life's joys and blessings. 

I endeavor to grow in my faith, in my relationships, and in my creative pursuits. 

I plan to cultivate an atmosphere of learning for my children, encouraging them to explore new things and expand their horizons - and to delve deeper into the things that nourish their souls.

I will grow space in my house and in my life through making better use of the space we have, letting go of more possessions to make room for easier living, and to pare down obligations to only those commitments that sustain my spirit. 

This year I plan to grow as a person, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, and in all that I do. I hope to grow a life that is in tune with my visions for the future ... for myself and for my family. 


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