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Is it Thursday night already?

The week is a total blur. After Easter worship, as I was about to turn onto my street, the world started spinning. I managed to get us home. I may have fed the kids lunch. Then I crashed completely, falling asleep before I was even fully in my bed. My body complete gave up, as Holy Week really took everything I had and more.

An hour later I awoke and went on with my day. We still had Easter dinner to get to at my parents' house, a relaxing time, thank God. 

Nothing on my schedule on Monday, I did a little work here and there, napped on and off, and took it as easy as possible. I stumbled through the rest of the week, still recuperating from the crash.

Today I had my date with Remi, came home, ate, and crashed once again, but the post-Remi crash is routine. I fed the children ice cream for dinner, got more cleaning done, and made Jere's' dip for the weekend. 

Tomorrow will find the girls and I up at 5 and out of the house by 5:30. In the morning. We…


I crashed. Hard.

Upon returning from Palm Sunday worship, and the pancake breakfast that preceded it, my body just quit. I could not keep my eyes open. I could not wake myself up fully when my husband got home from work or when my children had questions. I'd fall back to sleep immediately. 

This isn't uncommon for someone dealing with my health issues, but it's happened with such frequency lately that I now get to play the game of Which Autoimmune Illness Is It?

That will have to wait, though, as I track possible other symptoms and wend my way through Holy Week. For now, I'll make sure to take my supplements and medications, balance activity with rest, and concentrate on what's really important.

Today, I am grateful for illness that allows me concentrate on priorities and that teaches me valuable life lessons; children who volunteer to read parts for The Passion and do a great job doing so; for Zachary, who made gluten-free pancakes yesterday for his gf siblings to enj…