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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

My body isn't reliable. For that matter, neither is my brain at times. And yet I've found myself saying yes to huge commitments twice in the matter of a couple months. My logical brain reprimands me for taking on such things, causing doubt to reign supreme. What have I gotten myself into?

First, I said yes to taking on the position of Team Leader for Social Security/DSS for New Start Ministry, which is sponsoring a refugee family and helping them resettle locally. Well, we are as soon as our paperwork is approved by Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) and we're assigned a family. 

I felt called to do this - to do something new...something amazing, life-changing and extraordinary for someone else. It is good to research and discuss things other than medical issues, homeschool stuff, and parenting or breastfeeding issues.

And then today I filled out an application for the School of Lay Ministry - a two year commitment to learn and grow spiritually. I've been wa…

A Moondragon at Camp

For months, this child had been in tears almost daily with anxiety over going to Resident Camp at Camp Calumet. Even though he knows Camp Calumet well, knows much of the staff, and is comfortable there. He wanted to be dropped off last and picked up first. 

There are things at Camp that aren't compatible with this high functioning autistic child's sensory issues... like sand and showers. And then there's the fact that a week away from Mama and Daddy seems incredibly daunting.

And then drop off time arrived. He chose to be dropped off first. After a brief chat with and a "shoe five" from his counselor, Ben, who happened to have the exact same footwear, he let me know it was time for me to go. No tears. No hanging on.

Mama, of course, spent the first few days of camp trying not to worry about this child. Not that I didn't have full confidence in him or in the Camp Calumet staff ... it's just that it's difficult for this Mama to not be completely sure that …

Z to the 16th Power

It's happened again. 

Another child has reached sixteen-hood.  Sixteen. Old enough to get a tattoo (with parental consent), which is what we're doing today. I'm taking my cute curly headed little boy second oldest son to get his first tattoo on his 16th birthday.


Zachary is such a joy to be with ... at least most of the time. If he's gotten enough sleep. And if his siblings aren't driving him up the wall. Especially after a conversation with Laila. *insert hearts and smoochy faces here* I love the conversations we have, especially when it's just the two of us driving somewhere and we can not only speak uninterrupted, but about everything and anything. We always end up laughing ... and wondering how we landed on the topics we're discussing. 

I love that Zachary has confidence in who he is and that it shines through when hanging around with friends. He owns his uniqueness and isn't afraid to think or to do things that are "out of the box," …


Some days something happens that just takes your breath away.

It was a normal day. I got up, did stuff around the house, caught up on email, went to my rheumatologist's office for my psoriatic arthritis med, met a friend to deliver heart necklaces made by my husband and chat for a few minutes, and stopped at the dollar store on the way home to pick up last minute items for Camp. Along the way I fielded calls from my husband about financial matters and my children about things we needed from the store. Not a stressful morning per say, but a busy one.
With my seemingly endless to-do list on my mind, I pulled into our driveway. I noticed something at the top of the stairs in our back yard. Pulling out my phone, I hoped to get a picture before it flew away. Instead, I got treated to ten minutes of awestruck admiration of this majestic creature. 

I was blessed to be able to share some of this astounding event with Alia. Here's a bit of what we saw.

I am so grateful for these moments of…

Not the Circus Type

As I absorbed all that was going on in a recent play, something jumped out at me. One of the characters, Ash, entered a once-destroyed but now cleaned up garden. The "misfit body of believers" from the Kingdom Circus was there, asking her if she'd come for the show ... the show for change. Ash responded that she loved to be entertained and asked where she could sit. The response she received was an unexpected one, at least for her...
"No, more like...join. Where do you join?"Ash's response was pure gold...

"I don't want to join a circus. I'm not the circus type. Have no skills, nothing to offer. Why don't you just show me what you got. Go ahead, entertain me."This scene popped into mind the following Sunday during the prelude as worship began. You see, it's usually during the prelude that I first read through the bulletin to see if we're singing any of my favorite hymns and if perchance there's an amusing sermon title before …

Independence Day

Today many will celebrate Independence Day. There will be cookouts, parades, fireworks, and lots of American flags. Today we celebrate freedom.

Today is a different kind of independence day for me and my husband. We celebrate our independence in Freedom, New Hampshire at Camp Calumet. We celebrate not just our country's freedom but also our personal freedom. Today is our first full day at Camp Calumet without children. Yesterday we successfully dropped off all five children after Resident Camp, where they will remain until Saturday morning.

We're not quite sure what we're going to do with ourselves, but I'm fairly certain it will involve lots of peace and quiet...the type of peace where you know your children are being well cared for and are having fun and the type of quiet where no matter the amount of noise around you, you know your children aren't making it and don't need your attention.

Happy Independence Day!


I find it interesting, sometimes a bit annoying, and somewhat amusing that people think I'm whining when I comment on social media that I have a migraine or am having mobility issues or that when I post something like When You Look At Me. It seems like no matter how much I explain, people just don't understand.

When I post these things, I'm mostly trying to point out the humor or the fun I find in living with chronic illness ... or warning family and friends that I may be incommunicado for a while dealing with a migraine or other issue. Or commenting on what a beautiful day it is...and that I got to have a medical procedure that improves my quality of life - a blessing, not a tragedy. 

I find it fun to decorate my crutches. I find it simply a fact of my life that my health has its ups and downs and I'm on a downswing at the moment while I await my change in medication to take effect. I don't see a post of my newest DIY project (decorating my crutches with duct tape) …