What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

My body isn't reliable. For that matter, neither is my brain at times. And yet I've found myself saying yes to huge commitments twice in the matter of a couple months. My logical brain reprimands me for taking on such things, causing doubt to reign supreme. What have I gotten myself into?

First, I said yes to taking on the position of Team Leader for Social Security/DSS for New Start Ministry, which is sponsoring a refugee family and helping them resettle locally. Well, we are as soon as our paperwork is approved by Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) and we're assigned a family. 

I felt called to do this - to do something new...something amazing, life-changing and extraordinary for someone else. It is good to research and discuss things other than medical issues, homeschool stuff, and parenting or breastfeeding issues.

And then today I filled out an application for the School of Lay Ministry - a two year commitment to learn and grow spiritually. I've been wanting to do this for a few years, but have doubted my ability to find the resources within myself to complete the work required. With greatly-appreciated financial help (thanks Mom!) and a lot of prayer, I am brushing doubt aside and taking a leap of faith. 

I feel called to grow in my faith; to learn more about the Word and Lutheran Theology; and to discover new ways to use my spiritual gifts in my church and my community. 

Due to a bit of anxiety surrounding taking on these projects, I need to remind myself often that both of these commitments work within the reality of my life - much of what I need to do for both, I can do in my own time. The meetings will be good-for-me outings where I get to work with others to improve my life through faith conversations and the lives of others through the work of refugee resettlement.

Doubt may continue to creep into my thoughts as I move forward with both of these wonderful experiences, but I know that God will get me through. And deep breaths. And prayer. And coffee. 

Throughout the next few months and years, I might again question what I have gotten myself into, but I have a feeling my answer will be one of joy and excitement and peace. 

(The photo at the top? That's me on the left, before a gymnastics recital thingy. Nothing to do with the post...just a photo that came to mind in relation to the post title.)


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