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Taking a break from shuttling kids here and there, running errands, and the business of life, we arrive early to enjoy the quiet of the space. We move tables, set out plates and plasticware, prepare two giant bowls of salad, and get ready for the what the evening has in store. Families and individuals trickle in, chatting amongst themselves while working on a word search or crossword puzzle. Soon everyone is eager to begin the evening's festivities.

We gather in a circle for a welcome, a song, and grace:

Come, Lord Jesus
Be our guest
And let Thy gifts
To us be blessed
And may there be
A healthy share
On every table
And may WE help
To put it there

After pizza, salad, and dessert, during which we catch up with friends and make new ones, the lesson begins. Sometimes there are props, other times a skit, occasionally we venture upstairs, always, we, people of all ages, learn together.

One would think that in a room of fifty or so people, from infants to great-grandfathers, it would …

There Is a Place

There is a place I feel most at home - where worry disappears and my soul is wrapped in love. It is a place of grace and mercy, where there is enough stillness and space that I'm able to forgive myself as easily as I forgive others. There, the moment is all there is and the people I'm with are all that matter.

There is a place where every day is a celebration of life and love and faith and community. In this place voices are raised in song and storytelling and support, not in anger or frustration. Words and actions are thoughtful and
kind, creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance. 

There is a place where I can fully listen to my body, mind, and spirit. I can be gentle with my body, relaxing on the beach or in the lake, or I can challenge my body on a hike or paddling a kayak. Waves lapping my kayak, arms moving rhythmically, my mind can focus on the moment or my spirit can wander into dreamy inspiration. Worship, Bible study, even a simple conversation while rocking on the …

Where Is My There It Is

Where is my there it is? I haven't seen it in days. I've asked the kids and they don't know. In fact, they look at my oddly when I ask. 

"Where is my ... 

there it is!"

That phrase has come out of my mouth more times than I can count in the past few weeks. In extreme pain due to a spondylitis flare and near-constant migraine, my brain has turned to mush, my short term memory is nonexistent, and I keep putting things down in seemingly logical places only to not be able to find them just seconds later. 

I spent twenty minutes looking for something I swore I had just put down in the room I was in, only to find it in a completely different room that I didn't remember going to. Naturally I found it just as the exasperated words, "Where is my..." came out of my mouth. 

This is now my life. 

So if anyone has seen my there it is, please let me know. And if you see me wandering aimlessly looking for something, please know that I've once again lost my there it …