Taking a break from shuttling kids here and there, running errands, and the business of life, we arrive early to enjoy the quiet of the space. We move tables, set out plates and plasticware, prepare two giant bowls of salad, and get ready for the what the evening has in store. Families and individuals trickle in, chatting amongst themselves while working on a word search or crossword puzzle. Soon everyone is eager to begin the evening's festivities.

We gather in a circle for a welcome, a song, and grace:

Come, Lord Jesus
Be our guest
And let Thy gifts
To us be blessed
And may there be
A healthy share
On every table
And may WE help
To put it there

After pizza, salad, and dessert, during which we catch up with friends and make new ones, the lesson begins. Sometimes there are props, other times a skit, occasionally we venture upstairs, always, we, people of all ages, learn together.

One would think that in a room of fifty or so people, from infants to great-grandfathers, it would be difficult to conduct a lesson. It's true that sometimes the adults get a bit out of hand - more often than the kids, in fact - but most of the time we're having too much fun learning the sacred stories. 

Some of my favorite evenings are those we make our way to the Sanctuary for a quieter lesson and another Meal. Sharing Communion among these beautiful people is a reminder of how blessed we are to be part of God's family, to be the Church. Many can't make it to worship on Sundays, making these nights even more set apart than they are normally. 

Tuesday Night Sunday School means more than I can possibly say to my family, and to many others. Failing to be able to adequately put into words the true blessing TNSS is, I'll let the faces of those who know best say it for me:

Sunday School on Tuesday nights? Trust me, it's FANTASTIC!


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