Where Is My There It Is

Where is my there it is? I haven't seen it in days. I've asked the kids and they don't know. In fact, they look at my oddly when I ask. 

"Where is my ... 

there it is!"

That phrase has come out of my mouth more times than I can count in the past few weeks. In extreme pain due to a spondylitis flare and near-constant migraine, my brain has turned to mush, my short term memory is nonexistent, and I keep putting things down in seemingly logical places only to not be able to find them just seconds later. 

I spent twenty minutes looking for something I swore I had just put down in the room I was in, only to find it in a completely different room that I didn't remember going to. Naturally I found it just as the exasperated words, "Where is my..." came out of my mouth. 

This is now my life. 

So if anyone has seen my there it is, please let me know. And if you see me wandering aimlessly looking for something, please know that I've once again lost my there it is. Not to worry, I'll find it as soon as I ask someone where it is.


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