About Rannygahoots

Rannygahoots are creatures born of the imagination of a gentle soul whom I knew as Pappy who handed down their lore to his grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. The rannygahoots live on in the imaginations of my children - and, according to them, in the woods behind our house.

Me? I'm Amanda Steyer, Wife to my amazing husband, Jim;  Mama to Alexander, Zachary, Haley, Coren, and Alia; caregiver to many. I have a cacophany of diagnoses including psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis, Hashimotos thyroidosis, autoimmune liver disease, and secondary adrenal insufficiency, which have transformed my life into an adventure of epic proportions, at least in my mind. Never before have the simplest of movements seemed so monumental. (And yes, I know what cacophony means ... I also have difficulty with word retrieval and that was the first word that came to mind...and come to think of it, my body does yell at me quite frequently.)

This blog came about soon after my diagnosis and serves as a place for me to process the changes in my life, celebrate the joys as well as the mishaps, share the stranger moments, and, I hope, provide a little bit of inspiration as I share my imperfections. This blog is about my personal journey through life, my views, my experiences, my ups and downs. We may not all agree on everything (I'd hope not, as I appreciate the diversity of life), so please respect my path, take with you what serves you, and leave the rest. 
post-Remi hairstyle

I am Christian, but respect and teach my kids as much as I'm able about all belief systems. All are welcome here, whatever you believe, or don't believe.

I believe in Love. I believe in Community. I believe in making mistakes and (hopefully) learning from them. I believe in Grace. I believe in Forgiveness. I believe in Truth. I believe in Real. I believe in living out Love.

If you have any questions, ask away! I'll do my best to answer them. 


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