On the first day of Advent, I had no internet
At my in-laws in Pennsylvania.
On the second day of Advent we were on our way home
From my in-laws in Pennsylvania.

And so I write this blog post on the eve of our trip to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, realizing that my plans to write every day of Advent won't exactly be every day of Advent, considering we'll either be without internet or on the road for at least 10 hours. 

I'll first start posting my Advent posts on December 1st, instead, with perhaps a little about our Thanksgiving and Advent adventures mixed in. I'll try to link to them here, in an effort to keep a list of them all in one place. 

Stay tuned for the further ADVENTures of the rannygahoots.

December 1: Lifeless Stump
December 2: Reflecting God
December 3: Where Are You?
December 4: Broken Heart
December 5: Blessing to Others
December 6: Laugh With Me
December 7: God Sees to It
December 8: Stairway to Heaven
December 9: Easy Now
December 10: Commands, Covenants, and a Case of the Crankies
December 11: Bad Reputations
December 12: Ruth-full
December 13: Heart Things
December 14: Land of Deep Darkness
December 15: Troublemaker
December 16: Season of Second Chances
December 17: Feeling Small
December 18: Speak Up
December 19: King of the Mountain
December 20: Advent List
December 21: Thunder in the Desert
December 22: Teenage Pregnancy
December 23: Wanderer
December 24: Make Room
December 25: Ponder


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