If You ...

It doesn't happen often, thankfully, but some days I'm just completely overwhelmed by it all...in an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie kind of way. 

My husband's car, that has been fixed twice ...or was it three times ... in the past three weeks, is having issues again. Different issues than before.. This leaves me without my van all day, as my husband had to drive it to work. This means the donations in the van won't make it to their destination today and I won't be able to load the van for tomorrow.

If tomorrow's plans even happen. We're supposed to go to Six Flags (for an amazing $14 a person thanks to a reading program and online discounts). At the moment two of my children are coughing and generally not feeling well. It seems they're on the mend, but I'm not sure if they'll be well enough by tomorrow.

Or if I'll be well enough by tomorrow. I had my psoriatic arthritis med yesterday and could very well get this bad cold from my children. I also cut my finger, and in the process banged my hand thereby causing issues with my thumb. Not being able to grasp things and in bad pain when moving my thumb, crutches will most likely be out of the question tomorrow, which means I'll need my wheelchair due to my current knee and Achilles tendon issues.

And to fit the wheelchair in the van, I'll need to take the donations out, which I can't do with a bad hand and knee and tendon because they're heavy boxes of books.

If I can't get the donations out, I also can't put the bin of towels we'll need in the van with my wheelchair. Not that I have the van, anyway.

Without the van, I also can't go to the store to get last-minute food items for our day out tomorrow, 

If our day out even happens.

Up at 4 with a child with a nightmare and 5:20 with a child with a nosebleed on top of it all, I just want to go to back to bed, curl up under a comfy blanket, and take a nap. But alas, I have coughing children to tend to and should really get dinner going in the crockpot before I forget about it.

And besides, I have plenty for which to be thankful - the medicine that will hopefully greatly improve my health, that we have a second vehicle and my husband has a job, that my children are rarely sick, that we have food in the house, and that we have the opportunity to go to Six Flags. 


  1. Such a "If you give a moose a cookie" scenario! Don't they say, whatever happens, All is well with me, and All is well with the world. Man, that mantra helps me sometimes when things seems all twisted up....


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