Like Home

Some places just feel like home. 

After a little over two months away from one of our most favorite places on Earth, it felt as if we arrived home as we pulled into the parking lot. Greeted with smiles and hugs from beautiful people added to that cozy, exhilarating homey vibe that is Epoch Arts. 

Today and for the next couple days, we're helping with Epoch Arts' Annual Tag Sale. The amount of stuff they have to offer, both indoors and out, is nearly unfathomable. As we sorted, bagged, folded, and set out items for sale, it was clear the colossal amount of work that had already been accomplished. This is no small undertaking.

I'm blessed to also be heading "home" to Camp Calumet, another most beauteous place next weekend as I embark on my journey through the School of Lay Ministry. It will be quite a different Calumet experience from those in my past, as I will be child-free and amongst over sixty other School students, having faith discussions with other adults. I'm greatly looking forward to it!

It is my hope that wherever we end up in life, that we always be a part of communities as welcoming, loving, and comforting as Epoch Arts and Camp Calumet are to us now - and that we can be that community to others. 


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