So Much

Sometimes life is filled with so much that some things fall to the wayside.

I was so busy, I crashed. And then I had more, and more, and more ahead of me. 

Friday the girls and I were off at 5:30AM to set up for the LLL Healthcare Provider Seminar Silent Auction. After a day of learning, and wrapping up the auction, I enjoyed a poolside conversation with a friend while our girls splashed in the hotel's saltwater pool. After a nearly sleepless night during which a certain eight year old punched me in the face several times, disturbing my already disastrous sleep, it was time to set up and run another silent auction. Leaving at noon, we rushed to Epoch Arts for Mainstage rehearsal and then we were on to my parents' house for a big surprise.

Did I mention my in-laws arrived at our house on Friday evening while the girls and I were staying at the hotel? 

Upon entering Gramma and Papa's house, Haley was surprised by balloons, decorations, and Gram and Grammy from PA, and others wishing her a Happy Birthday. Seeing as her birthday isn't until June, it was a tremendous surprise. 

Sunday found us at church as usual, followed by good food, games, and a relaxing sort of day. Monday's snow kept us close to home, doing some thrift and other shopping and getting a beta fish for Alia. Sundaes and home movies were the afternoon's entertainment, along with the traditional card playing. 

Tuesday saw Gram and Grammy off to their home in PA. After TNSS and choir, I was happy to be home, as I was still exhausted from the busy long weekend. 

Then the phone rang.

I dashed out the door to pick up two lovely girls, who were up well past their bedtime. Safely back at my house, I put them to bed in the airbed just vacated by my in-laws. A text shortly after 3AM brought the good news of the birth of their baby brother - all 10lbs 4oz of him! I could barely wait to tell the girls.

Wednesday morning found me rushing to church to retrieve something for a friend and then having coffee with another friend. Upon arriving home, head pounding from a migraine, I took a 20 minute nap. Refreshed, I loaded our two guests into my van and we were off to meet baby brother. To say they were extremely excited would be an understatement. I was blessed to witness these two precious sisters meet their brother for the first time, and to see the joy on their parents' faces as they watched their daughters' delight. My friend Emily is truly an amazing Mama!

So much happened in the past couple weeks that writing fell to the wayside. So many blessings filled every day, that I fell into bed blissfully exhausted each night. So much has filled my thoughts and my heart to overflowing, but putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard just hasn't happened. How wonderful when there is so much life to live! 


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