Give and Take

Some days the phone rings and you get to say yes, do what you can, be a shoulder to cry on, make more dinner, hold a baby, or sit with little ones as they fall asleep. You get to say words you know don't mean as much as you wish they could and do your best to be the best friend you can given the situation. 

Some days, you get to deliver a meal or help clean up or just sit and listen. You get to put together a little gift or pay a bill or do some heavy lifting. You get to pick up children or groceries or medications or all of the above. 

Some days, you get to watch your children step up to an unexpected challenge, clean up, make room, and share. And sometimes one of those children, who has issues with happenings that are out of the ordinary, has some troubles, but that's ok, too. He's doing the best that he can, just like the rest of us.

Some days, you take more than you give; you feel like a burden; you know you are asking too much. You feel you are counting too much on others and should be able to stand on your own two feet. Life seems to be against you or you feel more broken than you ever have before. Worries become your biggest burden. 

But other days you get to pay it forward - to balance the scales. There may be days or months or years in between the taking days and the giving days, but that's ok. The needing gives others the opportunity to give and to provide and to feel wonderful to be able to do so. 

We wish all days could be unicorns and rainbows, but when the storm comes we get to be blessed to be a blessing or blessed to receive a blessing. 


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