Dear Ziggy,

Thank you for all the help you've been over the past week, it's been wonderful. You've allowed me to enjoy time with my family and kept me moving when I was feeling fatigued. Thanks also for giving the kids rides to and from the store. They think you’re really cool. It was also interesting to see things from a new perspective - at 5’3” I thought I was fairly short, but from your point of view, 5’3” is rather tall!

I don’t mean to be critical, but at times you drove me a bit crazy, randomly pulling me to the left as I was trying to shop. That must be how you got your nickname – Ziggy.  And if you could keep still while I’m driving, I’d appreciate it. I feel like I may have to tie you down the next time you’re in the car with me because your constant movement is too distracting.

But all in all, Ziggy, you were a godsend this week. It is very comforting knowing you will be there for me whenever I need you.

  (_)  \_ 


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