First Day

She painted his nails. Thus began our first day of Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op Spring Semester.

Twenty-three families, forty-eight students, are enrolled in co-op this semester, taking classes such as Hootenanny, Crazy 8's Math, Little Chefs, History of the World, World of Weaponry, Blacklight Puppetry, Kids Yoga, Original Teen Theater, Tricks and Tails Dog Training, Flight 101 and Seeds and Sprouts Food Gardening. 

We have adult helpers in most classes, as our co-operative is all about working together. One class, however, has a teen helper - my 15 year old son. The teacher, his thirteen year old friend and teacher of Nail Art, talked him into being the class helper. Most likely this is because he has beautiful nails, and maybe because she wants to torture him just a bit. What I love is that he went along with this and even kept his nails painted all day. He got compliments from teachers and students alike. Epoch Arts is just that kind of place. (Yes, those are his real nails in the photograph above.)

It was a crazy, but good day for all, I hope. 

Today, I am thankful for open-minded people; for children with self-confidence; for teachers and helpers and cleaners and volunteers; for a welcoming space filled with laughter, love, and lightsaber battles; and for a Show and Tell class filled with stories and questions and imaginations gone wild. 


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