Blank Space

Blank space. My husband might joke that that's what I have between my ears half of the time. He would be correct, but that's beside the point.

Blank space. I love it. There are so many possibilities in blank space. 

My screen starts off blank. Then, hopefully, words that swirl in my brain are translated through my fingers and fill up the space. 

Canvases, puppet faces, articles of clothing, even pieces of furniture provide blank space for creativity to abound. It doesn't matter if the results are good or not so good, it's the process I love.

Blank spaces on my calendar are perhaps my favorite. Tomorrow has a fairly large one. I need to run an errand or two in the morning, perhaps do some cleaning and some homeschool co-op prep, but for the most part, I have no plans. I can paint my day however I choose.

Today, I am thankful for scheduling mistakes that free up my week a bit; for the possibilities tomorrow holds; for the amazing children who have put lots of work into the Interpretive Movement Ministry's Easter performance and the parents who get them to rehearsals; for Kelly Mooney's version of Hallelujah; and for enough blank space in my life to be able to dream. 


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