Planning, planning, and more planning.

A dozen women gathered to finish up and confirm the myriad details that go into running the La Leche League of CT Healthcare Provider Seminar, Mini-Conference, and Leader Education Workshop. From facility details to publicity to silent auction and theme baskets to registration, we went over every aspect of two days of learning experiences, making sure we had everything covered. Only a few weeks away, there's still a lot to do. These women amaze and inspire me with all they do to make it a wonderful experience for attendees.

I attended my first LLL meeting when Alex, my oldest, was just a few weeks old. I attended my first Conference Planning meeting more years ago than I can remember. I always leave the HPS and Conference inspired in my work with breastfeeding women. 

Today, I am thankful for LLL of CT; for the Conference Planning Team; for opportunities to put my time and talents to good use; for generous companies, places, and individuals who donate to the silent auction; and for my daughters, who will be my silent auction helpers and keep my company during our overnight stay in the hotel.


  1. We appreciate you more than you know, Amanda!


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