Today has been long and strange.

Waking with a pounding migraine, things did not bode well for my day. Upon waking, I jumped right into sorting out registrations and class helpers for Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op. Then I did quick research on laptops after my husband's father asked if he could buy us one from the store he works for. Before too long, I was off to the dentist with two children. Once there, I made up a grocery list, answered emails, talked on the phone with a friend, and did a bit of online research. Then it was off to Aldi, and back home again to put groceries away and eat something. It was back to emails, and then I accidentally took a twenty minute nap. Texts, more emails, messages, and more sorting out of registrations and volunteers filled my afternoon. 

Just as we were getting ready to leave for Tuesday Night Sunday School, Alia accidentally shut Coren's fingers in the van door. First aid applied, we were off to TNSS. My head still pounding, I probably should have stayed home, but there's something about Tuesday Night Sunday School that makes it incredibly difficult to miss.

My favorite part of this particular evening of TNSS was when we went up to the sanctuary for Communion. a little more lesson, and our closing circle. The light, the space, the people, the Word, and the words weaved a sacredness that spoke to my soul. 

As the blessing was passed around the circle, around the altar, not only did people bless each other, but many embraced each other as well. This simple blessing, "child of God, Jesus loves you and so do I" with a sign of the cross made on the forehead, touched me more tonight than it ever has before. In this Lenten season, Jesus' love is perhaps more palpable, his sacrifice more real. That we had just shared the Meal " remembrance of..." Him ... 

Tonight, I am grateful for all life's blessings - for rollercoaster days; for opportunities to show God's love to others; for unexpected gifts; for calls from friends; for hugs; for children blessing grandparents and friends blessing friends; for community; for sacred spaces; for Tuesday Night Sunday School; and for the bad things in life, that they help me appreciate the good all that much more.


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