I can't stop. It's interfering with me getting things done around the house, for homeschool co-op, and for other endeavors, but I just can't stop. It seems I'm addicted.

It started this past Summer when, in just one week, I devoured two books. I was at Camp Calumet and had time to relax and read, which was heavenly. Since then, I've been reading here and there, whenever I can fit five or ten minutes in. Then I picked up Joy Comes In the Morning by Jonathan Rosen. I could barely put it down. And now that I'm done with that, I've moved on to Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. Again, I find myself curling up to read instead of folding towels. 

I absolutely love reading, but my problem with it is that I just don't want to stop. I stay up too late reading, or give myself five minutes and it turns into fifteen, and then I allow myself just five more minutes and soon it's fifty. 

It could be worse, I suppose. I could complete That Level Again and That Level Again 2 in less than twenty-four hours. Oh, wait ... I did. But that's because my book was lost under the pile of laundry I'd been ignoring. 

Perhaps I need to find some balance, but all in all, these distractions have provided some much-needed relaxation and fun. 

Today, I am grateful for books; good authors; creative app developers; downtime; a comfy bed; and a family that understands that when Mama's reading, the rest of the world doesn't exist. 


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