Some days you just need to try on a bunch of dresses.

Well, I don't need to, but apparently Alia needs to. Seven, to be exact.

Before an afternoon medical appointment, the girls and I went thrift shopping for Easter dresses. Why? Because every once in a while when your girls say they NEED dresses, you say ok and spend a whopping $15 at the thrift store for two dresses. What they didn't tell me was that once they had dresses, they would need shoes to go with them. For another $6 or so, I said ok to those, too.

Haley looked much too grown up in the dress she chose. She's an inch taller than me now, and looking older than her almost fourteen years. Add in the new interest in makeup, and, I have to admit, she's looking so grown up it kind of makes me want to cry.

Of the seven dresses Alia tried on, she loved seven of them. She tried to talk me into buying at least three of them. I remained firm at one. The one she chose was the one that suited her, not the Easter season, best, because she, after all, is always true to herself. I love that about her.

Today, I'm grateful for my daughters; for their self-confidence, for good medical test results for Haley; for girl time, even if it's mostly running errands; for boys who are happy to have home alone time; for good books, medications that are helping me be able to function today, and a husband who calls before leaving work every day to see if I need anything. 


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