Children and puppets, they just make a great match. I'm not sure I've encountered a child who hasn't shown interest in playing with a puppet. 

But at St. Paul Puppet Academy, we don't just play - we get serious about our puppetry. We're serious about this ministry being about the children, about having fun, and about creativity. 

Tonight, interested families gathered to learn more about SPPA, about puppetry, and about the four crazy people who are putting this ministry together. They made newspaper puppets and learned the difference between telling a story and showing a story. They learned about how we make puppets work, and what it takes to be a puppeteer. After being an amazing audience for a puppetry skit we put on for them, the children go to explore some of the puppets and were encouraged to come up with personalities for each one they tried. 

The enthusiasm displayed by the children, I expected. How exponentially my enthusiasm for this ministry grew as the night progressed, I couldn't have predicted. Ideas are swirling in my head. I'm so excited to see where our SPPA Days take us!

Now to get to designing a logo ... and putting my ideas down on paper ... and figuring out where I put my puppet head template...

Today, I am grateful for inspiration and enthusiasm; for creativity; for people who are passionate about their work with children; for children who are passionate about learning new things; and for being on the same page as those I'm working with in our creative vision.


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