It was a mad tea party; heads flew; battles were waged; parts of speech went to court; singers took the mic; and it all ended with the magic of giving. 

Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op Winter Share Day was simply amazing, marvelous, brilliant, entertaining....I think Adjective is wearing off on me.

For eight weeks, students took classes such as Grammarland Theater (a play with the parts of speech as characters), Adventures Through Theater (original skit written by the 17 year old teacher and performed by children ages 10-17, in photo above), World of Weaponry (history and crafting of weapons from a plastic spoon catapult to pool noodle swords), Write and Draw Your Own Comics, Blacklight Puppetry (we crafted wearable, person size puppets), Cooking (they made cupcakes to share at Share!), Voice, Life Skills, Tinker and Take Apart, Magic, Eclectic Projects, and so much more. Today was their day to share what they had learned.

The Voice Class students performed songs, Grammarland performed their play. Adventures Through Theater Performed "Was It Wonderland," World of Weaponry waged battles, Blacklight Puppetry shocked and amazed, and we ended it all with a HUGE thank you to Epoch Arts for hosting our Co-op. The Magic students made a mountain of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, copy paper, paper plates, dishwashing liquid and other necessities appear, much to the surprise of the Epoch crew.

It was a wonderful hour and fifteen minutes and totally worth all the effort by students, teachers and parents, both at Co-op and at home. 

Today, I am thankful for all of it...for the brilliant, creative teachers and students; for the place, the space, the energy, the community; for the inspiration; that I get to be a part of this; and that we get to do it all again, only differently, in just two weeks!


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