Almond cake and coffee...a wonderful break before entering the labyrinth that is Ikea. Even better than the cake was the conversation with Renee. It had been too long since we just sat and talked, nevermind since we went out somewhere together. 

It felt good being out at night, without children, with my best friend. We nearly closed down the place, leaving at 8:30PM. Quite remarkable for someone who only stays out past 8pm on Tuesdays, and that's for church choir! I don't think I've even come close to closing down any place other than the thrift store since having children.

I found what I was looking for at Ikea, and a few other items, as always happens. I also found just what I needed - time with my friend to talk and to listen, to find perspective and understanding, and to laugh at what life has been throwing at both of us. 

Today, I'm grateful for friends who don't mind combining errands with spending time together; gluten-free goodies; good conversation; catching up; making plans; and late nights, even if late is 10PM. 


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