Last Minute

We almost missed it.

A few days ago, Alia and Coren decided to play a game of chess. The next day, they asked me when the Scholastic Chess Tournament was. I checked my calendar - nothing. I looked it up online - it was two days away!  Somehow I totally forgot about it. They practiced with each other.that afternoon. They practiced with Daddy the next morning. And then they went to the tournament to play against their peers. 

Out of three games, Alia won one and Coren won one and a half. They both got medals for participating. They both had fun, which is the most important part. 

I love it that Coren and Alia didn't even give a second through as to whether or not they should go to the tournament, since they hadn't played chess for a while and hadn't practiced much. They played for fun, as well as experience. Winning was a bonus, not the focus. 

While they were at the Chess Tournament with Daddy, the teen boys hung out at home and no doubt spent too much time playing on computers. Haley and I ran errands and went to Mainstage rehearsal. A good day was had by all. 

Today,  I'm grateful for remembering things at the last minute; children who enjoy a challenge; the opportunity to watch a theatrical production take shape from start to finish; that the last minute isn't too late, and pad thai. 


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