That's how much Alia's one prescription for ten days worth of ear drops for her horribly infected, ruptured, and blistered eardrum. Thankfully, it's covered by insurance.

Our medical expenses are through the roof, mostly because of my multiple autoimmune issues. I thank God daily for the medications that allow me to walk mostly unassisted and the doctors who give me the best of care...and for the health insurance, without which I'd be bedridden. 

The reality is that my yearly medical expenses total over $100,000 a year. My yearly medical expenses are more than my house is worth. And that's just medications covered by insurance. That doesn't include everything I have to buy on my own... compression gloves, supplements, thumb splints, my TENS unit, electrodes, heating pads, and more ...  as well as the added expense of buying gluten-free versions of foods like bread, pasta, etc. Oh, and then there's the gas used to get to and from appointments with my various doctors. It makes my head spin just to think about it. 

Today, I am grateful for medical insurance; for doctors that are thorough and take as much time as is needed with patients; for medications that will help my daughter's ear heal and restore her hearing or that are the difference between me being bedridden and me being a semi-functional human being; and for Quiddler... because Quiddler.


  1. My meds are currently over $700 a month to keep me functional through my pregnancy. I'm incredibly grateful for state insurance. I cannot fathom having to choose between being a functional human being and being bedridden. Because even at 33 weeks that's how sick id be without medication.


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