Today was one of those days where I did a million things and nothing all at once. 

I sort of meandered through the day. I...

...listened to good music.
...took a nap.
...made a huge crockpot of chili.
...tried to decipher what teen boys were talking about to no avail.
...washed dishes.
...sorted and packaged a $600+ Frontier order and put my items away.
...prepped propetts for my Blacklight Puppetry class.
...attempted to clean up the kitchen a bit.
...answered two breastfeeding support calls.
...sent emails.
...caught up a bit with vlogs and blogs I used to frequent.
...caught up on some things I needed to do for homeschool co-op and TNSS.
...chatted on the phone with a friend.
...answered lots of questions from curious children, including a discussion about kiwis (the birds, not the fruit or the people from NZ).
...took a shower.
...forgot to shave my legs. 
...packed the snack bag for homeschool co-op. my stuff together to share during Show and Tell class at co-op.
...started organizing stuff for Camp.
...contemplated making pumpkin bread.
...called FAITH5 just a tad bit early because I'm too tired and need a little time to myself.

I don't feel like I've accomplished much, because much of what I did didn't complete the tasks at hand. My house doesn't look all that much cleaner and my to do list is almost as long as when I started, but that's ok. I got to move at whatever pace I felt like today, motivated to move with Matisyahu playing in the background and content to sit and do things while binge-watching M*A*S*H. Who knows what I'll end up doing once I get the kids to vacate my space. 

Today, I am grateful for technology that pipes awesome music and great shows into my life; for nice weather and children who play outside; for humorous moments when Mama thinks she misheard the teens when, in reality, they did talk about taking a pineapple in an elevator; and for chocolate.


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