I went to church tonight. No surprise there, except it wasn't my church. 

I arrived to a message on my phone that indicated that the lights and heat were on and to come right in. How nice of a greeting, before I even got out of my van! Upon entering, I was blessed with the sight of two amazing women, both of whom, I have a feeling, take on way too much. Not that I can say that I don't have a lot on my plate as well...

We talked puppets and ministry and tough questions and ball pits. We did some planning, too, which was why we were there, really. 

Myriad ideas danced in my head as I left the building. What a wonderful hour or so, sharing ideas, making plans, and beginning something that will hopefully some day bear beautiful, faithful, creative fruit!

Today, I'm grateful for SPPA days, for a new beginning in the form of St. Paul Puppet Academy, for children who make dinner; for friends who host sleepovers, for a wonderful woman who plows through too many emails to help sort out homeschool co-op registrations; for my partner in homeschool co-op administration who always knows just when I need her to call and who understands all too well my frustrations; and for creative people who fill the world with color, music, emotion, and things we all need to hear. 


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