I started today dragging. I had a decent night's sleep, but still lacked energy. A nice drive, a smoothie, and some good music later, and my energy levels were up and I was ready for the day.

Picking up Haley from a sleepover, my friend Alicia and I were chatting about the concept of doing things we loved and that left us with good energy versus doing things out of obligation or because we felt we should, but that left us drained afterwards. One thing living with chronic illness has taught me is to weed out things that drain my energy in a bad way, and gravitate toward things that, although they may leave me physically tired, feed my soul.

Then I walked into our friends the Myjak's house. There was laughter as I returned their daughter's sock, which ended up with Alia's clothes from the Thurday night sleepover, and collected the items Alia left behind, which included a pug shirt, a giraffe, and a snake shed. The energy in that household is one of love, acceptance, and family. There is always good conversation to be had ... and sometimes a tattoo and free firewood.

From there, we headed to Mainstage rehearsal at Epoch Arts, where the energy was a mixture of creativity, movement, levity, and connection.

Today , I am grateful for the good energy with which I am able to surround myself; for good conversations; for new tattoos; for the opportunity to see young people strive for great things ; and for cuddling wth children while watching Return of the Jedi.


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