Forty Days: in Thought, Word, and Deed

Every Lent, I do something different. I set apart the season of Lent to concentrate on something, do something, be something. I've sent Love Letters. I've Resisted. I've Let Go.

Amazing - all these disciplines, which were meant to be Lenten disciplines, have continued on through the year and into the next and rooted themselves firmly in my life. I still send love letters when it feels right. I'm continuing to resist, and letting go has become a daily practice as I journey toward minimalism and simplicity. 

What to do this Forty Days?

I've been feeling stuck in a rut lately. My health declining, it seems to be taking my brain power with it. Feeling the need to make a conscious effort to use my mind and encourage my own creativity each day, I need to write, but I also need to do ... something.

So each day for forty days I'm going to carry with me a Thought - a Bible passage or quote that encourages me to live better; I'm going to make an effort to write, inspired by a Word related to my thought of the day; and I'm going to work toward a Deed, whether it be a kind word or action or personal improvement. I likely won't post every day for forty days, but we'll see where inspiration carries me.

How are you going to spend these Forty Days?


Forty Days: in Thought, Word, and Deed posts
One: Dust
Two: Journey

Three: Normal
Four: Center
Five: Generosity
Six: Relax
Seven: Beautiful
Eight: Forgive

Nine: Love
Ten: Blunders
Eleven: Peace
Twelve: Waiting
Thirteen: Thanksgiving
Fourteen: Poem
Fifteen: Expect
Sixteen: Share
Seventeen: Value
Eighteen: Moments

Nineteen: Receiving
Twenty: Confession
Twenty-one: Talk
Twenty-two: Example
Twenty-three: Prayer
Twenty-four: Potential
Twenty-five: Laughter
Twenty-six: Joy
Twenty-seven: Teach
Twenty-eight: Explore
Twenty-nine: Arrow
Thirty: Clean
Thirty-one: Breathe
Thirty-two: Spring
Thirty-three: Celebrate
Thirty-four: Superpowers
Thirty-five: Pajamas
Thirty-six: Special
Thirty-seven: Holy
Thirty-eight: Mandatum
Thirty-nine: Good
Forty: Resurrection


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