Dream House

There is a house full of truly fantastic rooms. I knew as soon as I saw it, that I want to live there. Peeking into a window, it looks cozy and inviting.

Once through the front door, the detailed ceilings and ornate decor seem suitable for royalty. 

The kitchen is straight out of a fairy tale - one that I'd love to live in. The woodwork is amazing, and I just love the hand pump sink, huge fireplace, and exposed beams on the ceiling. I could definitely see myself whistling while I work in that kitchen!

And the bedrooms!!! My girls would love to curl up with a good book in this big chair.

 Or in this seemingly magical bed. (I LOVE the wallpaper, by the way!)

This bedroom is amazing as well. I'd feel like a princess getting ready for the ball in these beautiful surroundings!

And what little girl wouldn't dream of a room like this? 

There is even an underwater oasis fit for a mermaid in the attic space. 

And the home theater? How amazing is this?

I want to move in right now. But it's not to be. A special little girl will get this house, thanks to two very talented women and their huge hearts. 

Kiki & Me Dollhouses refurbishes and custom decorates donated dollhouses and blesses children with the gift of one these imagination-encouraging masterpieces. If you'd like to help Kiki & Me Dollhouses with their next project through a monetary donation (which I don't usually ask for in my blog, but really, these women are amazing!!!!), you can do so by clicking HERE. No donation is too small... or too big! You can contact them about donating dollhouse-related items on their facebook page linked above. 

All photos by Haley Steyer, age 12.


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