Big Plans

I had big plans for today. Big Plans! Cleaning, cooking, shopping, preparations for tomorrow. It was going to be great. I was going to get So Much Done!

And then I tried to move.

Sometime during the night, someone seems to have stabbed me between the shoulder blades with some sort of invisible, non-lethal knife. It's wedged in there fairly well, causing pain when moving my arms, legs, breathing ... that type of thing. 

Thinking it might make its way out if I tried moving and stretching and such, I moved through the pain. Then wrapped myself back up in my comforter and snuggled into bed for a M*A*S*H marathon. 

Did I mention I have a migraine, too? 

Some days are just like that. A lot of days, lately. 

So I've revised my plan. 

I'm doing one or two small things at a time, then returning to hibernation. 

I got dinner in the crockpot and cleaned out a kitchen drawer. Then laid down with a rice sock and read a stack of books to a cuddly two year old.

I finished prepping and packing food for homeschool co-op tomorrow and sorted through mail. Then I sat and listened to a twenty-minute long retelling and reenactment of a six year old's dream.

I made lunch, then put our guest, and almost myself, down for a nap.

I made a few phone calls and sent a few emails. I folded some laundry and clipped some coupons. All from the comfort of my bed, as I watched yet more M*A*S*H. 

I loaded the dishwasher and put recyclables in the bin before retreating to bed to put a cold cloth on my head and a hot rice sock on my back.

I scraped the label off a brand new stainless steel pot my husband got at the thrift store for $5. It may have been donated because the label was next to impossible to remove. I may never recover from the marathon scraping session. This may be it for me for the day.

For a day when I felt like I wouldn't get much done, I'm not doing so badly after all. 


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