Eight: Forgive

Someone cuts you off in traffic. Someone misinterprets your words or actions and holds them against you. Someone bests you or bullies you or beats you. How do you respond - with anger, or with forgiveness?

Forgiveness is often difficult, even challenging; sometimes painful, and always the right thing to do. Always.

Holding onto anger and blame becomes a burden too difficult to bear - and only serves to punish the bearer. Forgiveness sets you free. Forgiveness doesn't condone wrongs, it admits that Love is stronger than any hurt. Forgiveness can only be given no strings attached - with true Grace. 

This Lent, I intend move through life with forgiveness in my heart and on my lips; to forgive myself as well as others; and to breathe out anger and breathe in peace before responding to a situation, that I may more readily bestow forgiveness. 


Forty Days In Thought, Word, and Deed


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