Shockingly Seven

She's seven. My youngest child is seven years old. Seven: that age that seems oh so much older than six. Six is still little. Seven is big.

Alia: girl of great spirit, wisdom, and creativity;

miniature mama/dictator of her older siblings;

 girl of endless energy and joy and flexibility; 

caring, kind, loving friend to all;

a scary child with a loving view of death and a sense of style to match.

She is herself.
Through the simple act of being herself, Alia teaches us all so much.
She is strong and confident and compassionate and caring.
She is fiercely independent and appropriately attached.
She lives love and forgiveness and justice and faith.
She knows her own mind and her own heart.
She follows where they lead without hesitation.
She is my heart. 

Happy Seventh Birthday, Alia Quinn!


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