On Days Like This

On days like this..

I need reminders that there are still open-minded people in the world.

I need hugs and snuggles and glances from the cutest angry-eyed two year old/puppy ever.

I need friends to convince me that in at least one situation in my life, I'm not completely losing my mind and am being perfectly reasonable in my thought processes.

I need to laugh at silly things, at my own mistakes, and at my malfunctioning body.

I need pain meds, hot rice socks, frankincense infused foot soaks, my TENS unit, and lots and lots of blankets.

I need memories of warmer days and more beautiful views.

I need to say yes more than I say no, give more than I receive, and choose forgiveness especially when anger is easier.

I need a nap.

I need to pray and give thanks and pray some more.


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